Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Masterclasses for Budding Writers

I had wonderful fun with young writers of Year 2 at Randwick Public School, teaching The Hathorn Technique of Poetry Writing using my book, The ABC Book of Australian Poetry.

One of the Dads who is an accomplished artist, Todd Hunter, painted an amazing river scene for the back of the class room with the help of several students. We attached poetry words to this beautiful river painting, which helped the children develop their 'word wallets' before waxing lyrical in poems modelled on those in the collection.

The presentation of the student's poetry to parents is still to come.

National Year of Reading Ambassador Visits

I'm pleased to be invited to a number of libraries in country towns, such as Griffith and Tamworth as well as local city libraries, such as the Hills.

I will be launching my book on peace, A Boy Like Me (Harper Collins), with illustrations by Bruce Whatley in both country and city.