Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Australia Day Hijinks at Harden & Wombat, NSW

With Chris Manchester, Mayor of Harden
Shire at Wombat, NSW.

As Australia Day Ambassador 2014, I was privileged to visit the wonderful community of Harden Shire and surrounds with friend Patricia. The Mayor Chris Manchester and his wife made sure we had a warm welcome everywhere.

From the welcome dinner, to my breakfast address to about 300 in Harden, to the amazing fair and tractor pull (a new understanding for me) and a ride in a wagon pulled by a Clydesdale, another new experience, at nearby Wombat, we had a really eventful day. It was great to see families out in force celebrating their own community.

 I was also delighted to meet Librarian Sharon Hawkins who gave us a tour of the very modern library and of course was interested to talk books. Weighed down with beautiful gifts, including a local sculpture and a box of delicious fruits we wended our way to Canberra and then home.

Part of the tractor parade, Wombat