Thursday, January 28, 2016

Australian Poets Presented by Libby Hathorn...with The State Library of NSW

State Library Treasures

It's been a privilege to work with Pauline Fitzgerald sifting through some amazing poetry archives in the State Library of NSW, that revealed such manuscript discoveries as the actual hand written poems such as "My Country"; reams of photographs, paintings, sketches, letters, cards and telegrams of many poets; as well as such gruesome finds as the death mask of Henry Lawson.

This was in preparation of creating short videos highlighting the lives beginning with such memorable poets as Dorothea Mackellar, CJ Dennis and Henry Lawson.

I will be presenting these poets and items from the inspiring collection, as well as reading some of their muscular and resonating poetry to camera. These will be available during 2016.

Henry Lawson - Death Mask
Dorothea's Original Manuscript for My Country (Core of My Heart)

Viva Australian Poetry and Poets!

It has been a pleasure to celebrate Australian poets as well as discussing my latest novel "Eventual Poppy Day" on community radio - Eastside 89.7.

In discussion with Margaux Dombkins on her arts program, poets old and new such as Judith Wright, Dame Mary Gilmore, Banjo Paterson, Dorothea Mackellar were featured.

I look forward to further such discussions in 2016, honouring poets both past and present.
Judith Wright
Banjo Paterson