Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Love You Book on YouTube.

Just another day in the office..

I Love You Book on YouTube.

Creative Spaces

I’ve always wanted a serene writing environment with the ‘accoutrements’ of writing around me creating a space both physical and emotional but always inspiring. I work in a book-lined study at a large-ish desk. If I look up from my desk I see the garden and it’s a good place to let the eye rest and the mind wander. Often I collect things to do with the book in progress, so gum leaves whilst writing Thunderwith, pictures of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon whilst writing Zahara’s Rose, many, many poetry books whilst compiling The ABC Book of Australian Poetry. But other things like my crocodile pen, greeting cards, postcards, or photos end up scattered here for a while because they constitute something ‘sparky’ to me...It ‘s a changing place though, depending on the work in progress.

The bust of child- my muse a gift from my husband John when we were in Normandy
Notebooks- filled with anything and everything from scraps of novels to lists of chapter heads or title names, the odd poem.
Folders without labels that say something to me e.g. Indian cloth-bound folder always means the book I’m working on now.
The composers- two small bust of Verdi and Puccini whose music, along with Ella Fitzgerald’s is always inspirational
Teapot for the necessary 101 cups of tea whilst work is in progress
Flowers-whatever is in season
Latest book at pages stage I Love You Book with the fantastical illustrations of Heath McKenzie.

St Mary's Primary School & a visit to Armidale

This week I read to the beautiful children of St Mary's Primary School at Waterloo Library. I shared I Love You Book and Zahara's Rose and the ABC Book of Poetry. Last week, I also visited Armidale where I went to the bookshop, Reader's Companion who were enthusiastic about I Love You Book.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Love You Book Launch at St Catherine's School

I had a great launch last week at Eastern Suburbs school St Catherine's. Here are some images and an article from the Wentworth Courier. Children dressed up as book characters and performed in front of the whole school and many parents. They did a superb job! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brisbane Launch of I LOVE YOU BOOK

Publisher, David Reiter & Myself 

Brisbane was looking almost recovered and was welcoming for the launch of my latest picture book, I Love You Book (IP Kidz); a reading in Paddington and the launch at a studio in Cooperoo. We also had time to see the amazing art gallery GOMA.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Love You Book

This month I will enjoy the launches of my latest picture book ‘I Love You Book’ (published by, IPKidz) in both Brisbane and Sydney (with the enchanting illustrations of Health McKenzie).