Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Glittering Launch of New Library

Glittering Launch

Year 1 thankyou notes

South Coogee Primary School did their library proud this week with a super launch of the new library to the whole school, teachers and parents. There was no champagne but I was given a host of coloured balloons to cut free and fly to mark the occasion. I had the pleasure of giving the poetry competition winners (7 of them) a book prize each, and then entering the library door 'The portal to many worlds' which was suitably decorated with glittering papers. Inside I  was taken on a tour by librarians and spoke to keen and eager young writers, one of whom had already been published by Penguin! Year 1 was quick off the mat to mark the occasion with illustrations and thank-you’s, two of which I share with you above.

South Coogee students 

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  1. If any of the crew from year 5-6 of that year reads this, could you email me? It's Dan!