Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tamworth & Narrabri

I had a  flying visit (just a day) to the friendly town of Narrabri, which is inland from Coffs Harbour. While I was there I  talked to Narrabi public schools, talented young readers and writers; then in the afternoon I  addressed a mixed audience, adults and home – schooled kids about poetry, picture books and reading.

Jenny, my guide made sure I visited the Tourist Centre where I brought local oil and mustard. Then onto Tamworth Library and poetry workshop with a writers group who meet regularly; followed by an afternoon address to about 60 local people and an afternoon tea from 2-4pm to mingle. I spoke about the process of making a picture book and used A Boy Like Me as inspiration. I also spoke about the poetry book, the ABC Book of Australian Poetry. The fact I met up with some old friends, teachers from my early career was a plus. 

I was thrilled to be interviewed by country radio in Narrabri and was pleased to think of perhaps on their trucks, in their shops and looking after kids listening to why reading is so important to all Australians.  

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